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We produce cable network programming and branded entertainment on budget and on time.

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We specialize in intelligent, stimulating entertainment that never talks down to an audience.

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We are a boutique production company based in Studio City, CA. that delivers Exclusive content for Luxury Brands.

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“The mind boggles when I stop to think about how many moving parts you took responsibility for and delivered.”


Senior Event Manager (Operations), BBC WORLDWIDE GLOBAL EVENTS TEAM

“I did want to thank you for your expertise, patience and good humour on the shoot. We would have been lost without you.”


Series Producer, CPL PRODS. "A League Of Their Own" SKY1

“Guys, watching this makes me proud to be associated with you.”


Executive Producer, OUTDOOR CHANNEL

“It was a beautiful show.  Thank you for all the hard work.  Let’s do it again next year!”



Director of Programming, DIY NETWORK

“You did a good job on the show. It’s not out of the question that you could get another series with us!”



Director of Program Development, SPEED CHANNEL

“You are greatly appreciated and a pleasure to work with. Your level of client and customer service is certainly a step above the rest!”

Brad Smith

Executive Producer, NEW HOME SOURCE TV

“…That is comforting.  Yes, I reiterate how much I appreciate you!”



A Very RealScreen

Erthbound President Jeffrey Willerth attended the RealScreen West Conference in Santa Monica and took advantage of every opportunity to meet with his current network relationships, forged new ones and listened intently to industry peers discuss the fluid nature of the...

Smarter Smart Homes

TecHomeX is the industry-only conference that unites residential design/build & technology integration/contracting in America's most lucrative regional markets. Erthbound's team descended on the Long Beach Convention Center to capture interviews and panel discussions...

New Year, New Tech

Erthbound kicked off 2017 capturing the excitement of emerging technology projects with a peek behind the digital curtain of industry leader Acumatica, a Cloud ERP system that helps boost SMB growth, speed and business control effectiveness. Next, we shot with Medical...

Life Coaching for Life Coaches

Tony Robbins is credited with initiating the Life Coaching industry over three decades ago. Robbins’ unique experience of working with millions of people live and in person led him to develop a series of principles and tools called Human Needs Psychology. Anthony...

BBC Premier in Theater Near You

The BBC Worldwide production of "Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA" is premiering tonight, November 10th in select theaters across America! Produced by Oyster Productions (UK) alongside with Erthbound Entertainment (US) the 90minute special features the antics of...

Roundy-Round We Go

After weeks of shooting with the Matterport system that captures 360 3D data for virtual tours of new model homes, we've now captured more than 100 models and spun the camera for more than 10,000 scans! We're...

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We are dedicated to crafting productions that fulfill your creative vision.

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We help brands produce programming that is delivered on budget and on schedule.

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We specialize in intelligent, stimulating entertainment that connects with a desired audience.

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