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“Guys, watching this makes me proud to be associated with you.” TOM DOOLEY

Executive Producer, OUTDOOR CHANNEL

“…That is comforting.  Yes, I reiterate how much I appreciate you!”



“It was a beautiful show.  Thank you for all the hard work.  Let’s do it again next year!”



Director of Programming, DIY NETWORK

“You did a good job on the show. It’s not out of the question that you could get another series with us!”



Director of Program Development, SPEED CHANNEL

Chics with Axes Chop Up Cape Cod

Timber Tina’s World Champion Lumberjills – Chics WITH AXES – are back in Maine after a great week in Cape Cod, Massachusetts at The Barnstable County Fair and shooting our pilot episode of the crowd pleasing action. Erthbound’s Stewart Shuster embedded with the Lumberjills for the road trip to shoot brilliant coverage of the girl’s performances and behind the scenes antics. His full recovery remains...

“Spike & Mike” @ Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con, the annual mecca for geeks, was the site of our latest production for SHORTS HD Network. A one hour special documentary about “Spike & Mike’s Sick and Twisted” short film festival, held each year at SDCC. Hosting the show is the lovably cantankerous Spike, who espouses tales of the heady early days of animated short filmmakers who crafted shocking, revolting and incredibly hilarious movies. The program is laced with outstanding short films from the Spike & Mike vaults and candid moments on the floor of the Comic Con exhibitor...

Journey to the Center of the Earth

To be more specific, 5,700 feet below the surface of Northern Ontario in Canada is where Erthbound’s cameras travelled, deep into a gold mine to shoot specialized equipment for our corporate client, Artisan Vehicle Systems. Everything you imagined about existing more than a mile underground is true and then some more stuff you never imagined, unless you’ve been there before. Yes, the shoot was a total...

If a Tree falls in a Forest… Say “Timber”!

Our cameras are rolling in the quaint coastal community of Trenton, Maine to capture the actions and antics of “Timber Tina”, the preeminent ‘LumberJill’ during the season opening of “The Great Maine Lumberjack Show”. Erthbound’s development team is shooting the pilot presentation episode of “I Love Tina” (working title) about the insane, grueling and exceptionally dangerous lifestyle of the women who work alongside Tina as Lumberjacks at her wooded facility, entertaining thousands of vacationing families that travel to Maine for the Summer. Tina also has a roadshow crew that criss-cross America performing their daring Lumbersports at county fairs, festivals and conventions. Tina’s vibrant and witty personality, plus her infectious laugh and long blonde hair are contrasted by her brawn and muscle. Beauty and brains are wrapped into fearless strength and tenacity… while clinching really, really sharp...

Erthbound Entertainment spans the Globe

Summertime is ramping up with an international panache for Erthbound’s four new productions. Two projects sailed over from London, one will take us to Canada and the other is nestled near the U.S.-Mexican border. In Broadcast news, a very popular series from the UK’s SKY 1 TV is shooting with Erthbound throughout the western U.S., and the UK’s ShortsHD network will see our cameras for a weekend-long shoot on a one-hour special documentary. From our Corporate Video department, two new clients, Artisan Vehicle Systems and Steak Locker have each commissioned multiple short form content from Erthbound to illustrate their respective product innovations and position as leaders in their...

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