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We specialize in intelligent, stimulating entertainment that never talks down to an audience.

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We are a boutique production company based in Studio City, CA. that delivers Exclusive content for Luxury Brands.

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“Guys, watching this makes me proud to be associated with you.” TOM DOOLEY

Executive Producer, OUTDOOR CHANNEL

“…That is comforting.  Yes, I reiterate how much I appreciate you!”



“It was a beautiful show.  Thank you for all the hard work.  Let’s do it again next year!”



Director of Programming, DIY NETWORK

“You did a good job on the show. It’s not out of the question that you could get another series with us!”



Director of Program Development, SPEED CHANNEL

If a Tree falls in a Forest… Say “Timber”!

Our cameras are rolling in the quaint coastal community of Trenton, Maine to capture the actions and antics of “Timber Tina”, the preeminent ‘LumberJill’ during the season opening of “The Great Maine Lumberjack Show”....

Erthbound Entertainment spans the Globe

Summertime is ramping up with an international panache for Erthbound’s four new productions. Two projects sailed over from London, one will take us to Canada and the other is nestled near the U.S.-Mexican border. In Broadcast news, a very popular series from the...

Xamarin software aids Government mobile apps

Erthbound was hired by Xamarin to capture an exclusive presentation to Government IT managers on ways the software giant helps regional, state and federal public offices integrate mobil apps technologies. Using a shared codebase, developers can use Xamarin to write...

Showtime’s Ray Donovan ain’t no April’s Fool

The producers of Showtime’s “Californication” and “Ray Donovan” again engaged the services of Erthbound Entertainment for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. More details will be posted after the episode airs this Summer. “Ray...

Pharmacists Speak Up in San Diego

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) arrived at the San Diego Convention Center for their annual  convention and several Pharmacists participated in personal, introspective interviews to espouse their enthusiasm for the APhA to Erthbound’s camera. This...

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We help brands produce programming that is delivered on budget and on schedule.

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We specialize in intelligent, stimulating entertainment that connects with a desired audience.

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