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We produce cable network programming and branded entertainment on budget and on time. 



We specialize in intelligent, stimulating entertainment that never talks down to an audience.



We are a boutique production company based in Ventura, CA. that delivers Exclusive content for Luxury Brands.



Erthbound has a rich background in AutoSport Programming and Motorsport Marketing. 


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“The mind boggles when I stop to think about how many moving parts you took responsibility for and delivered.”


Senior Event Manager (Operations), BBC WORLDWIDE GLOBAL EVENTS TEAM

“I did want to thank you for your expertise, patience and good humour on the shoot. We would have been lost without you.”


Series Producer, CPL PRODS. "A League Of Their Own" SKY1

“Guys, watching this makes me proud to be associated with you.”


Executive Producer, OUTDOOR CHANNEL

“It was a beautiful show.  Thank you for all the hard work.  Let’s do it again next year!”



Director of Programming, DIY NETWORK

“You did a good job on the show. It’s not out of the question that you could get another series with us!”



Director of Program Development, SPEED CHANNEL

“You are greatly appreciated and a pleasure to work with. Your level of client and customer service is certainly a step above the rest!”

Brad Smith

Executive Producer, NEW HOME SOURCE TV

“…That is comforting.  Yes, I reiterate how much I appreciate you!”



Turning 18

For most, turning 18yrs. old is a big deal because it means you’ve reached 'adult status’. As Erthbound Entertainment crosses its' 18th, we admit to feeling rather comfy with our adulthood. Erthbound is young enough to dream big and harness great energy, yet old...

Autosports Racing Forward

Erthbound Autosports is in high gear at full throttle for the open of the 2023 racing season! It's been a year since Erthbound announced it partnership with the Z Club of America, an internationally known car club for Datsun/Nissan Z car enthusiasts, established in...

Another Fiscal Year

Erthbound Entertainment is now 17 years old… and still acting like a fearless teenager! Our Erthbound Autosports division has been squarely focused on brand-building for the Z Club of America. The social media outreach and online presence has grown steadily, drawing...

50yr Z Love Affair

Erthbound Autosports launched with a reboot of with a new focus on Driver Education and Teen Driver Safety. Carology was a tv series, produced by Erthbound Entertainment for Speed Channel. Erthbound Autosports proudly announced it has landed its first...

The Slow Roll Into 2021

It's no secret too many industries and businesses have been crushed by the Pandemic. Erthbound has taken its share of gut punches too, but we're all still here and working hard to get back to full speed. In short, Erthbound's production division generated no broadcast...

Haaappee Anniversary !

On June 5, 2020 Erthbound Entertainment turned 15 years old!    Thank you.   In dog years, that's about 105 years...  in production years, that's something like 4,000 years! And here we sit, covid-bound, at home waiting for something we all thought was called "normal"...

Our Covid-19 Story

2020 kicked off with what felt like a kick to the head. January was largely filled by a "Para-Influenza A Virus" that knocked down Jeffrey and Suzanne for three weeks. Even after the nasty symptoms were erased, feeling 100% was an arduous and slow process. Meanwhile,...

That’s A Wrap

2019 wraps up with the conclusion of Erthbound's management agreement with the nonprofit Namba Performing Arts Space. Since Q1 2018, Erthbound produced 125 music, dance, theatrical and comedy performances as well as numerous workshops and civic events. The objective...

Boutique Production

We are dedicated to crafting productions that fulfill your creative vision.

Driven Efficiency

We help brands produce programming that is delivered on budget and on schedule.

Audience Engagement

We specialize in intelligent, stimulating entertainment that connects with a desired audience.

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