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We specialize in intelligent, stimulating entertainment that never talks down to an audience.



We are a boutique production company based in Studio City, CA. that delivers Exclusive content for Luxury Brands.



Erthbound has a rich background in AutoSport Programming and Motorsport Marketing. 


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“The mind boggles when I stop to think about how many moving parts you took responsibility for and delivered.”


Senior Event Manager (Operations), BBC WORLDWIDE GLOBAL EVENTS TEAM

“I did want to thank you for your expertise, patience and good humour on the shoot. We would have been lost without you.”


Series Producer, CPL PRODS. "A League Of Their Own" SKY1

“Guys, watching this makes me proud to be associated with you.”


Executive Producer, OUTDOOR CHANNEL

“It was a beautiful show.  Thank you for all the hard work.  Let’s do it again next year!”



Director of Programming, DIY NETWORK

“You did a good job on the show. It’s not out of the question that you could get another series with us!”



Director of Program Development, SPEED CHANNEL

“You are greatly appreciated and a pleasure to work with. Your level of client and customer service is certainly a step above the rest!”

Brad Smith

Executive Producer, NEW HOME SOURCE TV

“…That is comforting.  Yes, I reiterate how much I appreciate you!”



4th Quarter Content

The 2018 Programming Season wrapped with a full Fall schedule filled with diversity, quality and holiday cheer for the Namba Performing Arts Space. October: "MARS" (Music-Art-Revival-Space) was an two-day interactive, participatory experience offering an array of...

Culturally Relevant

Erthbound's programming initiative is "Culturally Relevant Stories that are Important to Our Community" for its work with the Namba Performing Arts Space. Recent performances best demonstrated what local Cultural Relevance sounds like! UKIFY featured young Ukulele...

Reel Estate

July temperatures topped 125°F while Erthbound was shooting 360° Virtual Tours of nearly one hundred new model homes throughout Nevada and Southern California for one of America's largest home builders. This massive project was generated by our longtime client, BHI...

“NambaYouth” Series Premieres

June programming at NAMBA blew up with three highly successful shows. Standing Room Only occurred for the first time inside Namba's intimate studio during the "Flamenco! Music-Dance-Wine" event. Amazing live music and hyper-talented dancers heated the crowd with the...

“Music Speaks” Series Launches

Erthbound's management of the non-profit NAMBA Performing Art Space kicked off it's "Music Speaks" Performance-Interview Series on Cinco de Mayo with a live show by "Conjunto Tenocelomeh", a brilliant band rooted in the Son Jarocho Mexican Folk Music of Veracruz. The...

5th-Line Studios Opens First Location

Erthbound Entertainment proudly announces the opening of "San Buenaventura Gyrotonic", a specialized boutique fitness studio, under its 5th-Line Studios division at 315 Borchard Drive in Ventura, CA. Erthbound's VP, Suzanne Willerth created the division and is in...

Namba Performing Arts Space 3.0

The Namba Performing Arts Space and Erthbound Entertainment have elevated their years-long relationship to include Namba's brand development and operational management of the studio space by Erthbound. The non-profit's Board of Directors accepted Erthbound's proposal...

Digitizing the Oquendo Center

Meanwhile, back in Las Vegas... Erthbound continued it's quest to digitize all of Sin City's amazing architecture by creating a 360° Virtual Tour for the Quendo Center. Using a Matterport digital capture system, online visitors can now explore the state-of-the art...

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We are dedicated to crafting productions that fulfill your creative vision.

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We help brands produce programming that is delivered on budget and on schedule.

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We specialize in intelligent, stimulating entertainment that connects with a desired audience.

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