Erthbound Autosports launched with a reboot of with a new focus on Driver Education and Teen Driver Safety. Carology was a tv series, produced by Erthbound Entertainment for Speed Channel.

Erthbound Autosports proudly announced it has landed its first client, the Z Club of America.

Last year, ZCoA celebrated its 50th anniversary as a prominent and respected car club dedicated to uniting owners of Datsun/Nissan Z cars. Thousands of Z owners became members over the years, largely attracted to the club’s tech bulletin and frequent driving experiences offered at race tracks across the North East U.S..

By the late ’90s,  Z car enthusiasts dwindled and car sales declined the club slowly went dormant. Now, in this post-pandemic marketing environment, Erthbound Autosports is breathing new life into the club with a robust social media campaign designed to re-establish the Z Club of America Brand and push forward the five decade old motto: “Z Owners Unite!”

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