Suzanne Corridan Willerth

Suzanne Corridan Willerth was the Executive Producer of “An Evening At NAMBA” series, and is President of 5th-Line Studios, a division of Erthbound Entertainment, that includes Muscle Spazms Studios and SanBuenaventura Gyrotonic.


Suzanne received an Emmy Award on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” for her work as a Special Effects Make Up Artist. Her work on Principle Talent for numerous TV and Film projects includes “Angel”, “Babylon 5”, “Crusade”, “Frankenfish” as well as development of the ant character, “Flik” for Disney-Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life”.

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Suzanne is always in motion.

At Erthbound’s San Buenaventura Gyrotonic studio, Suzanne teaches the intensive Gyrotonic Expansion System training program and holds International Certification.  Muscle Spazms Studios is an Authorized Galileo Training facility offering Galileo Whole Body Vibration Plate programs.

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing awarded Suzanne International Certifications for Grades I-V Beginning Professional Status in the Ceccehetti Method and provides private adult ballet instruction. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for NAMBA / ALoft Dance Theatre.

In her earlier creative business life, Suzanne owned and operated WesType, a Typesetting/Graphic Design Company for 8 years, before negotiating the successful sale of the company to a large graphics firm.