Erthbound Entertainment is now 17 years old… and still acting like a fearless teenager!

Our Erthbound Autosports division has been squarely focused on brand-building for the Z Club of America. The social media outreach and online presence has grown steadily, drawing international attention from legitimate, qualified owners of Datsun and Nissan Z car ranging from the 50+yr old 240z to the new Nissan Z. Alliances have been forged among numerous Z Clubs, parts dealers and event organizers.

Recently, Erthbound sent a camera crew to a large Datsun/Nissan car show to capture interviews with Z Owners for a documentary project that will define the Z Culture.

Our 5th-Line Studios held its first two-day packed-house workshop event that featured a Master Trainer of the fitness/movement modality simply known as “Galileo 101”. It was an experience that revealed how to access your body through Neuromuscular Stimulation created by the Galileo Whole Body Vibration Plate. The benefit of this vibration stimuli can include realizing scar tissue, muscle tension, activate circulation, improve proprioception and balance. More to the point, everyone involved felt the vibration work immediately and demonstratively.  More sessions like this are schedule for later this summer.

Erthbound Entertainment continues to create Virtual Tours for major home builders and property developers throughout the South West USA. Using the specialized Matterport Camera System, these online virtual walk-thru experiences have become a staple for marketing new homes and have proven to be a critical tool when shopping online for a new home.