Erthbound Autosports is in high gear at full throttle for the open of the 2023 racing season!

It’s been a year since Erthbound announced it partnership with the Z Club of America, an internationally known car club for Datsun/Nissan Z car enthusiasts, established in 1971. In that time, we’ve grown a loyal base of Z Owners from a couple hundred to a few thousand and that rate of growth continues steadily. Further, Erthbound crafted a partnership for the 2023 racing season between Z Club of America and Nissan Challenge, established in 2015, to promote and market their schedule of Track Day events on the West and East coasts where racers compete against themselves in timed events.

Z Club of America also established a Midwest Chapter in Dayton OH, with a very successful first annual car show last Summer and at least two more shows already schedule for ’23.  Next Erthbound and ZCoA forged a solid relation with a video content producer based in Dallas, TX to build out a growing YouTube channel.  Lastly, we’ve just announced that Z Club of America will be the sponsor for the “K&N and VARA All-Japanese Showdown” race in March at Willow Springs Raceway in California.

2023 is going to be a year of great growth, accomplishment and branding for the Z Club of America and Nissan Challenge – courtesy of Erthbound Autosports.

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