On June 5, 2020 Erthbound Entertainment turned 15 years old!    Thank you.   In dog years, that’s about 105 years…  in production years, that’s something like 4,000 years!

And here we sit, covid-bound, at home waiting for something we all thought was called “normal” only to find that a ‘new-normal’ was already here. No more waiting.

Update: Thanks to Suzanne, we’re ready to re-open our San Buenaventura Gyrotonic studio. The county guidelines were clearly unclear, so we’ve done extensive research to best prepare the studio for maximum safety efforts to prevent Covid19 spread. Best news – Our client base responded to the re-opening rapidly and positively, with our schedule filling up within a day after the official welcome-back announcement.

Brian is on assignment producing for Food Network on a Covid19 related special series, shooting with a small crew, prepared to work in locations where the numbers are rising rapidly. His crew are taking every conceivable step to be safe and healthy. Fingers are crossed that all goes well, everyone gets home quickly, and the series draws a sizable audience.

Jeffrey has voluntarily halted all productions and virtual tour capture projects during the Covid19 lockdown and re-opening process. “Its not yet time to gamble on productions that put Erthbound’s crews in harms way with these virus risks. After fifteen years producing hundreds of hours of programming, I feel we’ve created a substantial library of content for re-airing and repeats. Let’s stay home, stay safe, and be part of the solution, not the problem.” Willerth said.

Incorporated in 2005 and after all these years…. Erthbound Entertainment never, ever, ever imagined it would be writing a website post like this one. We wish health and safety to all those we’ve employed, associated, contracted, pitched and befriended.