June programming at NAMBA blew up with three highly successful shows. Standing Room Only occurred for the first time inside Namba’s intimate studio during the “Flamenco! Music-Dance-Wine” event. Amazing live music and hyper-talented dancers heated the crowd with the raw passion that radiates from the sensual arts Flamenco.

KPFK Radio’s Christine Blosdale assembled a strong turn out for the first “Women In Business Networking” event. It was a first step in Namba’s non-profit community programming to demonstrate the Space can be utilized beyond music and dance entertainment.

“NambaYouth” Series premiered with the “O.K. Service” Jazz Quartet comprised of four musicians who graduated High School just a week before. The Series Concept is to offer 18yrs. and younger talent the opportunity to perform in a venue beyond their school auditoriums. This first show was a huge success and the band was crazy-tight and full of energy.