Auto Addiction


Non-fiction, reality


(1x:30) Half Hour Episodes


Pilot aired on SPEED Channel. All rights reverted to Erthbound Entertainment.


Auto Addiction


Pilot episode aired on SPEED Channel.
All rights have reverted to Erthbound Entertainment.


Pulitzer Prize winning automotive columnist Dan Neil examines the phenomenon of “distracted driving”. It’s wrong, ridiculous and so dangerous, yet it happens daily on America’s highways – People driving while eating, reading, shaving, yakking on the phone, applying makeup, brushing teeth, changing clothes, using computers, choosing CDs, watching TV and even having sex. Driving distracted is driving reckless and sometimes even “wreck full”. Driving distracted has become a full-contact sport and is one of the fastest growing statistics on the cause of car accidents. Learn how new innovations designed to help distracted drivers maintain focus, might inadvertently contribute to our lackadaisical and leisurely driving habits. What really happens to our minds and bodies when we drive distracted? We’ll use the latest medical equipment to monitor Dan Neil’s brainwaves and physiology to find out how he reacts to absurd and hilarious distractions while driving a high performance machine on a grueling test track. Watch Auto Addiction to see if you are man enough to drive while putting on lipstick!