Noise Nation


Documentary Series


(6x:60) Six One Hour Episodes

One Hour Episodes


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Noise Nation


The top video is an introduction to the Noise culture and the bottom video sets up each episode. Six one-hour episodes are complete and ready for distribution.


Erthbound Entertainment and Talk Story Films present a six-episode series titled “Noise Nation”. The docu-series reveals the little known history of fringe music movement sometimes referred to as “Noise”, “Experimental”, or “Industrial”. Rooted in late ’70’s with a growth spurt in the mid 1980’s Punk Rock scene, these musicians, vocalists, digital demons and performance artists found auditory solace in a space that often defies conventional structure, popular presentation and chart topping marketing.

Noise Nation is a story told by a generation of musicians who began creating Noise 35 years ago and have continued their practice to today. The series is about the longevity of the creative process, as well as, about how these creators paved the way for the following generations. Before the internet and at the beginning of desktop publishing, they created magazines, fanzines, flyers, custom LP’s and cassettes packages.