It’s no secret too many industries and businesses have been crushed by the Pandemic. Erthbound has taken its share of gut punches too, but we’re all still here and working hard to get back to full speed.

In short, Erthbound’s production division generated no broadcast content in the past year, but did continue to create virtual tour media for a corporate client. Our 5th-Line divisions’ San Buenaventura Gyrotonic Studio was closed for most of 2020 and gently reopened in Q2 ’21 with lower activity, but the rise in the Covid19 Delta Variant cases are trending toward more restrictions or another closure soon.

The gooderer news is we launched a new division titled Erthbound Autosports to administer and develop our automotive and motorsport digital assets, and the Z Club of America, now celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Throughout the Pandemic Ping Pong, Erthbounds’ VP, Brian Hennessey has traveled the country on locations producing for The Food Network.

“Slow and Steady” is the mantra at the moment as we continue to navigate toward another “New Normal”.