For most, turning 18yrs. old is a big deal because it means you’ve reached ‘adult status’.
As Erthbound Entertainment crosses its’ 18th, we admit to feeling rather comfy with our adulthood.
Erthbound is young enough to dream big and harness great energy, yet old enough to benefit from mileage gained and lessons learned.
It’s been said, “Old Age and Treachery will always Beat Youth and Exuberance”. (D. Mamet)
It’s also said, “Victory Belongs to the Most Tenacious”. (R. Garros)
It’s often said, “The Key to Success is to Surround Yourself with Smart People and let them Do Their Job”. (Erthbound)
Looking back on the ’22 fiscal year, the company has provided production services to BBC Maestro.
Continued to create 360° Matterport Scans of new model homes for Homebuilders in California and Nevada.
Fashioned social and video Marketing Campaigns to increase awareness, participation in the Nissan Challenge Series held at race tracks across Southern California.
Grew Z Club of America Membership/Followers over the 3,000 mark through a steady slate of online content for the Domestic and International Datsun & Nissan Z Owners community. #zownersunite
Opened Muscle Spasms Studios offering Galileo Whole Body Vibration Plate classes.
Celebrated our Fifth Anniversary of 5th-Line Studios and SanBuenaventura Gyrotonic®.
Yeah, It’s good to be 18!