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Artisan Vehicle Systems has a vision for a world where oil no longer dominates transportation – where the value of alternative fuels has surpassed that of fossil fuels – and where our environment is on the mend after decades of abuse resulting from the wasteful use of fossil fuels. The Artisan Mission is continued product development to provide our customers with an economic, cost-effective option to combustion engines.  We are committed to providing solutions to satisfy the growing global appetite for zero-emission alternative energy solutions.

Many corporations espouse similar vision and mission statements as the electric vehicle industry continues to grow rapidly.

What sets Artisan apart is not what they make, but rather who they serve: The underground mining industry.

Artisan Vehicle Systems manufactures electric motor solutions to replace the diesel engines found in most all mining operations. Trucks and Earth Moving equipment have belched toxic fumes into the lungs of miners and covered the mine walls with polluted soot for generations. Artisan tapped into the mining industry by offering products that swap the diesel engines for electric drivetrains as a mechanical upgrade rather than cost-prohibitive fleet replacement. Miners now work using their same battle-tested vehicles with new zero-emmisions motors delivering more power, more torque, quieter and cooler environment, all while reducing fleet operational costs.

Because it costs about $1000 to mine an ounce of gold, saving money while improving health and saving the lives of the workforce… is  really, really good for the mining business.

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