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Property Partners


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Meet Kristy Petree and Sandra Bennet of BenTree Builders, Inc. in beautiful Austin, Texas. For the past 12 years, they’ve been building stunning homes and renovating foreclosure properties of all sizes, shapes and budgets. They love the work, because they actually do most of the work! Kristy and Sandra never miss an opportunity to get their hands dirty, wipe the sweat and drip some blood on their properties. They already have plans for six property flips in 2018 and are looking for more. According to, building permit records indicate that BenTree Builders, Inc. has worked on at least 46 projects in the past 11 years. 

All BenTree Builders projects are “high-end” remodels with a certain level of clientele in mind to maximize their return. As they said, if they don’t make over $100k on a sale, it’s not worth it. They always choose upscale fixtures and want their homes to scream “Luxury”! Turning Drab in Luxury is their Specialty.

On the job, Kristy and Sandra are exemplary, powerful women who do the hard work, drive hard negotiations and make the hard decisions. Meanwhile at home, the easy-going gay couple know how to chill, relax and recover from a day of home building. They are affable, adorable and downright hilarious with their quick quips, sharp wit and delicious charm. The chemistry between them is remarkable to watch and unfiltered. Viewers of Property Partners will want to share a glass of Cabernet, share life stories and share new experiences with them.

Authenticity is the prime objective for the Property Partners series. Sandra and Kristy have no interest in becoming actresses, altering construction schedules or casting contractors. It’s all business all the time at BenTree Builders. Building and flipping homes is what they’ve done for more than a decade before the cameras arrived… and that’s what they’ll be doing long after the cameras leave.

More background information is available in this presentation PDF file: PropertyPartners