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RONN Motor Group is the premiere episode for a new form of “Business Entertainment” Programming that blends docu-reality storytelling with authentic investment practices. Specifically, this episode tracks each step of Investor Participation using the new SEC Regulation A Plus “Crowdfunding” investment paradigm.  After the explosive growth in Social Media’s ability to raise funds for everything from tiny art projects to small business start-ups and even college tuitions, the SEC was compelled to bring online crowd funding to the big leagues with all the investor protections found in conventional investment tools. No beta-testing. It’s go for broke as Ronn Motor Company is among the very first to roll the dice with this new-fangled financial method.

RONN Motor Group was founded by Ronal Maxwell “Ford” with the idea of showing the world that a great looking eco-friendly automobile can be designed without it looking like an unattractive “box.”  That a high performance eco-supercar can be brought to market without being a super large OEM auto manufacturer or receiving government subsidies.  RONN found success with its first generation car, the hydrogen enhanced Scorpion HX, and is now embarking on “The Phoenix” – a high technology, open sourced, high performance automobile powered as an all electric, all wheel drive, including hydrogen fuel cell range extender and the latest battery technologies to achieve maximum performance. 

“We’re building the dream”

It begins and ends with you, our development and investment partners. Never before has an organization engaged “ownership” in a collective end-to-end offering to deliver the next generation high performance vehicles and the next generation daily drivers that entail elements of its high performance brethren. Our direction and mission is a collaboration with the community and engage them as a resource in the technology and design for the development of an entire suite of automobile lines in conjunction with our in-house engineers and our automotive experts. Proving that attractive holistically designed automobiles can be community sourced, community driven and community owned. 

Never before has the opportunity existed for such a collaborative ownership experience. You now have the ability to participate as an investor at the ground level – a position that has historically been largely reserved for the wealthiest, most exclusive individuals and investment firms. New regulations have removed the barrier to entry and enabled anyone, regardless of net worth and financial reserves, to participate in ownership of the next wave of innovative, world changing entrepreneurial companies. 

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