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“Money Grows On Trees”

Black Fox Timber Management is a critical brand navigating a highly regulated industry, serving billionaire clients and government agencies to manage critical investment properties within the rather unknown universe that is Forestry.

Black Fox Timber daily operations are rife with danger, drama, physical challenge, scientific work, economic and environmental impact all set against the backdrop of natural wonder. Projects are located on private and public Woodlands across America and Internationally. Projects vary in size and scope from small property consultations to physical inventory of millions of square acres.

Tree People is poised to be the most compelling, unbiased authority on the factors and conditions for one of our most precious natural resources: Forests. Too often, the subject of “Forestry” is buried deep below society’s lexicon… that is, until tv news channels fill our screens with horrifying imagery of record-breaking, deadly firestorms scorching more communities. It’s time to push the truth forward about the current health, value and importance of our Woodlands, while explaining to Millennials how to ensure self-sustaining forests for future generations.

Tree People episodes are staged at an unique Forestry Vocational School where Students learn harsh lessons under brutal conditions in real-world, hands-on, wooded environments. Audiences will savor an immersive ( “WTF, I had no idea” ) experience as they vicariously become boots-on-the-ground viewers and participants in the training. The over-arching narrative stresses the fragile state of our Forests, the bureaucratic nonsense, defines the problems, offer solutions and unravels public misconceptions about Forestry rooted in political actions taken decades ago to satiate the “tree hugging” outcry.

Tree People is socially conscious entertainment, presented with raw authenticity, accurate science and factual relevance to pave a contemporary path toward improving the Human Experience in Earth’s future.

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