Production on the HD documentary, “Mental Valor” continued with interview shoots with a succesful Hollywood Producer who is a “military brat”.
Production on the HD documentary, “Mental Valor” continued with an interview shoot with a founder of a military support organization.
Erthbound captured the stylish beauty of the hand-crafted Esquivel Shoes in HD for Luxe TV.
San Diego’s tourist districts were the site for the a shoot for TV Trip and another in Costa Mesa for Luxe TV.
San Diego’s Old Town district was the site for the first shoot of Erthbound’s new online video client, TV Trip.
Once again, CBS’s “The Amazing Race” called on Jeffrey’s automotive background to coordinate the massive transportation fleet for the start of season 14.
Erthbound’s HD cameras captured rock legend George Thorogood performing some his classic hits in front of a digital blue screen to be composited into a music video for the giant Viva Vision video canopy on Freemont Street in Las Vegas.
10/20, 11 & 10
Production on the HD documentary, “Mental Valor” continued with expert interview shoots in Redondo Beach, Chino Hills, and San Diego
The setting was a 180-degree green screen studio to shoot “Culture Killers” rock band for a FSE Viva Vision video project.
Erthbound captured the grandeur of the Granada Theater in HD for Luxe TV. Built in 1924, this historic Santa Barbara landmark recently underwent a world-class multi-million dollar restoration.
The TESLA Roadster, a high-performance luxury sports car that is completely powered by an electric motor was a feature shoot for LUXE TV and for Erthbound’s “Carology” series.
Unique designer sunglasses, some worth $20,000 were the subject of a LUXE TV shoot at Ilori on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Ca.
Erthbound teamed with Mammoth Sound and Vision once again to shoot the rock band “Culture Killers” with the Sony XDCamHD and XDCamHD EX cameras for the Fremont Street Experience upcoming “Born to be Wild” video.
Legendary rock band “KISS” were captured on green screen in HiDef moments before going on stage at the Pearl Theater for a new music video produced for the giant Viva Vision canopy in Las Vegas slated to debut 12/31.
Erthbound Entertainment returns to Pebble Beach, CA to interview the president of Lamborghini at the annual Concours d’Elegance for LUXE TV.
FarPoint Media executives gather for the New Media Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the third year in a row to renew relations with FPM content creators, enlist new FPM members, establish alliances with advertisers, and announce new shows for the FPM network including “Criminal Minds” and “Heroes”.
The finest hand-crafted and richly jeweled mobile phones made by Vertu are the subject of a LUXE TV shoot at Wynn Casino.
LUXE TV hit the road for a series of shoots with the first stop at Blu-Desart Italian Designs in Beverly Hills.
Production continues in Dallas, TX. on “Mental Valor” with interviews with Sec’y of Defense Gates, General Casey, General Ward, Major Lemon,and students for Korea’s S2S Program, as well as meetings with General Sutton and Division 19’s top dog, Michael Matthews at the 10th anniversary celebration of MCEC, the Military Child Education Coalition. The documentary is being produced by Anita Holsapple and delivers a unique perspective and unprecedented insight into military psychology.
Erthbound Entertainment captures Michael Fremer of MusicAngle.com and Stereophile Magazine, at Record Technology, a world class record pressing plant in Camarillo, California. Femer hosted a guided tour through the record factory as the camera witnessed raw vinyl give birth to the latest album pressing of Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy” as part of Fremer’s Vinyl World After All DVD project.
Erthbound Entertainment and Mammoth Sound & Vision in association with the Freemont Street Experience, were thrilled at the audience response at the premier for Mammoth’s video interpretation of Don McLean’s classic hit “American Pie” over the busy holiday weekend. This music video is another in a series produced by Mammoth seen on the one of a kind, four city-blocks long video canopy on Freemont Street in Las Vegas.
Production continues in San Diego, CA. on “Mental Valor” with an interview with Congressman Bob Filner. The documentary is being produced by Anita Holsapple.
Erthbound Entertainment announces that KVCR, San Bernardino, CA has joined with other Public Television Stations to air “C.G. Ryche: Echoes of Silence” this fall. KNME in Albuquerque, KPTS in Wichita, KAET in Phoenix, and WTVS in Detroit will soon set airdates for the pledge-drive special featuring the amazing percussionist, C.G. Ryche. A concert tour to support the Public Television broadcasts kicks off September 20 in Riverside California.
Production continues on the pilot episode of “Carology”, the series that will define American car culture. Producer Barbara Carratala and Director Jim Alario shoot more ‘curbside interviews’ to capture random voices espousing personal experiences and opinions about all things automotive.
Erthbound Entertainment and Mammoth Sound & Vision combined resources for a green screen shoot of retro-clad dancers for Mammoth’s video interpretation of Don McLean’s classic hit “American Pie”. This music video is another in a series produced by Mammoth seen on the one of a kind, four city-blocks long video canopy at the Freemont Street Experience in Las Vegas and is slated to premiere 7/4/08.
Fine English styling in men’s wear was the subject of a LUXE TV shoot at Turnbull & Asser Clothier in Beverly Hills. Brilliant materials, sharp tailoring and impeccable taste in shirts, jackets, ties and more fill the two-story boutique. The historic shirtmaker has other exclusive locations in New York and London.
It was a regal, prestigious and endearing shoot at the Santa Barbara Polo Club to celebrate Mother’s Day for the LUXE TV cameras. Beautiful and thundering horses carried dashing and daring riders, set against coastal beauty and the finely dressed women and matrons of fine taste.
Capitializing on Erthbound Entertainment’s history and production experience with automotive programming, Executive Producer Jeffrey Willerth’s talents for coordinating a fleet of camera cars and production vehicles has been called upon for the second year in a row to facilitate the start and season premiere of the CBS hit series, “Amazing Race”.
Directors Will Ehbrecht and James Alario begin production in Los Angeles on the pilot for “Carology” the new series from Erthbound Entertainment that defines America’s car culture.
Erthbound Entertainment joins with Mammoth Sound and Vision to produce a music video of Don McLean’s classic song “American Pie” in a visual interpretation of the day the music died. It will be seen by millions of visitors on the massive video display at the Freemont Street Experience in Las Vegas.
The LUXE TV cameras continue to experience the good life shooting $23 million dollars worth of architecturally significant estates in Palm Springs, sipping rare Italian wines in San Diego and exploring revolutionary skin care preparations from StudioFaceParis at Clint Eastwoods ranch in Carmel.
Erthbound Entertainment announces it has entered into an agreement with Hey Handsome, Inc. to distribute “Owen Smith: Anonymous”, the debut comedy special for stand-up comedian, Owen Smith. Erthbound Entertainment produced the show in association with Vanishing Point Entertainment for Hey Handsome, Inc. in November 2007.
Erthbound Entertainment started production on “State of the Art”, a pilot for a new series slated to air on Wealth TV. Jason Bounds is the producer of this luxury lifestyle program.
Farpoint Media is proud to announce that it’s popular sci-fi show “The Babylon Podcast” recorded its 100th episode and celebrated by interviewing actor Michael McCafferty.
In a rare opportunity, the LUXE TV cameras gained access to record the rehearsal and performance of the Russian National Orchestra during their visit to Southern Californias Segerstrom Concert Hall.The Russian National Orchestra was conducted by Vladimir Jurowski and the LUXE TV camera captured a portion of Tchaikovskys Symphony Number 6 in B Minor, Op.74 Pathetique.
Erthbound Entertainment’s President Jeffrey Willerth attended the RealScreen Summit in Washington DC and the NATPE Conference in Las Vegas to meet with cable network executives and international distributors.
The LUXE TV cameras went for a high speed ride to capture the awesome beauty of some of the finest sportscars during a visit to private car collector Geoff Abadee, in Calabasas, CA who showed off a Ford GT, California Ferrari, BMWZ8 and a one of a kind Aston Martin Vanquish.