“Slice of SciFi” produces an amazing interview with Bob Layton, the definitive “Iron Man” artist, conducted at Hypno Comics by George Chase.SLICE tv
Erthbound’s camera crew captured brilliant performances by Don Felder, of the Eagles, Marilyn Manson, Tom Jones, David Duchoveny and others at the conlusion of production of Showtime’s “Californication” series.
The Season One Finale of “Nock Out” the new Archery Competition reality series on NBC Sports Network aired and the first Nock Out Champion was crowned. Nielsen ratings indicate 100,000 viewers per episode watched episodes live or on DVR within 24hrs of broadcast.www.NockOut.tv
Production continues with a mountainous location shoot on a video series for practitioner certification program for corporate client, Star Essence, of Santa Barbara, CA.
Erthbound’s “Slice of SciFi TV” produces interview episodes with Jon Bogdanove, legendary comic book artist know for his work on Superman Comics, to promote his new Strongman series. on 8/13, Slice participates in a roundatable interview with Elon Musk founder of of SpaceX, Tesla Motors and PayPal about his vision for the Hyperloop rail system that moves people to/from LA and San Francisco in a half hour. SLICE tv
“Nock Out” the new Archery Competition reality series premieres July 26, 1pm Eastern, on NBC Sports Network. Set your DVR!
Production begins on a series of certification videos for our new corporate client, Star Essence, in Santa Barbara, CA.
Erthbound’s “Slice of SciFi TV” offers another week of exclusive interviews with TBS “King of the Nerds” star Ivan Van Norman who explains how he got into the RPG Game business; the cast & crew of “Hatchet III” for their Red Carpet Premiere; and HBO “TrueBlood” wolf Jamie Gray Hyder, who revealed what it was like to reveal herself totally nude in the new season’s opening episode. SLICE tv
The Contestants for Nock Out Season One have been announced at www.NockOut.tv and the airdate for the premiere episode is set for July 26, 2013 at 1pm on NBC Sports Network!
Slice of SciFi scores an exclusive interview with George R.R. Martin on the red carpet for the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 3 on HBO.SLICE tv
Erthbound Entertainment teams with Hypno Comics and Geek & Sundry for a full day of live stream video broadcasting as part of Slice of Scifi’s International TableTop Day celebrations.
Slice of SciFi shoots an exclusive interview with Mark Setrakian behind the scenes of Robot Combat League, the hit competition series seen on Syfy. SLICE tv