Our cameras are rolling in the quaint coastal community of Trenton, Maine to capture the actions and antics of “Timber Tina”, the preeminent ‘LumberJill’ during the season opening of “The Great Maine Lumberjack Show”. Erthbound’s development team is shooting the pilot presentation episode of “I Love Tina” (working title) about the insane, grueling and exceptionally dangerous lifestyle of the women who work alongside Tina as Lumberjacks at her wooded facility, entertaining thousands of vacationing families that travel to Maine for the Summer. Tina also has a roadshow crew that criss-cross America performing their daring Lumbersports at county fairs, festivals and conventions. Tina’s vibrant and witty personality, plus her infectious laugh and long blonde hair are contrasted by her brawn and muscle. Beauty and brains are wrapped into fearless strength and tenacity… while clinching really, really sharp axes.