There was no better way to wrap the tenth season of “A League Of Their Own” on Sky1 in the UK than to craft three more episodes that bring the boys to the good ‘ol U.S. of A. to visit James Corden on CBS’s “Late, Late Show” and take on a few challenges along the way!
Before James Corden hosted “The Late Late Show” on CBS, he was the presenter of “A League Of Their Own” (UK) for 10 seasons airing on SkyTV. The hilarious sports-comedy themed series stars Champion Cricketer Freddie Flintoff, Legendary Footballer Jamie Redknapp, and Comedic Actor Jack Whitehall. It’s a three hours special series where James invited his mates to come to the USA for a close look at American Sports… and hilarity never stopped! Driving the cinematic shoot were veteran crew from BBC’s “TopGear” productions and the mini-series premieres in May on Sky’s NOW TV. During the pre- and production of the series, Erthbound Entertainment provided Production Services and Jeffrey Willerth served as U.S. Producer.