Erthbound partnered with the Unity Theater Collective to produce a fresh take on Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” presented at the Namba Performing Arts Space… with a twist. The play adapted characters in a gender-swap, with roles changing from male to female as well as actors taking diversity issues head on. Mr. Wilde was laughing from his grave.

Science is the theme of our next project, as we created 3D virtual tours of the Makerspace Lab at CalState, Pasadena. This is the home of NASA, JPL and many brilliant scientific research projects. We first scanned the “AM2L Lab” formerly used by NASA for development of mirror technologies used in Space Telescopes. Next, scans captured the “GeoTechnical Engineering Lab” where scientists push boundaries to better understand Earth’s composition. Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory” called them ‘the dirt people’.